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Prayer Request - Janet Martini
Janet Martini
01/12/2010 - 07:36
We are traveling to PA this evening for our Grandson's Heart Ablation tomorrow and staying for the weekend. Please pray for Doug C's ablation. Also, my husband Charlie, is having bypass surgery on his right arm where they put a stint in last July for a blood clot, the stint is not holding up. The surgery is next Tuesday 1/19/10 at Winchester Hospital.
Prayer Request - Ruth Dodson
Ruth Dodson
12/26/2009 - 20:13
My Dad, Oliver Custer fell Friday night and was taken taken to the VA ER Saturday. We thank God that he did not have a broken hip, but was badly bruised and needs prayers that the bruising does nit worsen due to blood thinning medications he takes.
Prayer Request - Janet Martini
Janet Martini
12/15/2009 - 08:18
Please pray for my friend, Diane Peterson. She had to have emergency surgery last night for a perforated colon and she is now in ICU. That is all I know right now. She lives in Kansas and I deal with her ordering barcode labels and patron cards....we have become very close working together the last 8 or so years. Please pray for my son, Doug, to find a good job with good benefits very soon. He had Government help with the COBRA insurance that has now ended and they have to pay $1600.00 a month for health insurance, which is very difficult on unemployment. My Daughter-in-law works, but doesn't have insurance benefits and if she could get it they don't have a good plan. Please pray for my oldest grandson, Douglas. He has Wolff, Parkinson, White syndrome and has to have an ablation done on 1/13/10 for it. This is one of the major reasons my son needs to find a job with good benefits. I know our GOD is able and willing to take care of us if we just ask and I am trusting him with these concerns! Thank You all so much for being such a wonderful loving Church family and great prayer warriors!! I Love you!! Janet
Prayer Request - Mountain View COB
12/03/2009 - 21:14

Silent: Yes

Prayer: A close family friend just passed away yesterday due to natural causes. Please keep his family  in your prayers as his family copes with his loss

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